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Electric Skateboard Vs Electric Scooter – Which is Better?

Electric skateboard vs Electric scooter – confused which one deserves to be your ‘last mile’ ride? Then here’s the solution. Check this guide to know about the pros and cons of your favorite E-ride and set the verdict

Here’s the future of transportation – Electric rides. If you are here to decide between electric scooter vs electric skateboard, then you are just a ‘guide’ away to get your hand on a thrilling and exhilarating ride. 

Electric scooters or skateboards are both deemed as the ideal ‘last mile’ commuting vehicles – the two types of electric transportation devices that are not only eco-friendly but so much fun to ride.

But when it comes to deciding between scooters vs skateboards, the riders must be diligent in their choice because c’mon, there’s nothing bigger than one’s safety and convenience while riding. 

Like all the vehicles, skateboards or scooters have their own merits and demerits. This guide will judge both the rides on the basis of differences, advantages, and disadvantages, and uses. But despite the variations between electric skateboard vs electric scooter, both the rides are extremely fun to ride. 

Now the question arises, which one is the best for you to use? To know the answer let’s run some tests on both of our beautiful rides and get to the conclusion.

Differences: Electric Scooter Vs Electric Skateboard

Skateboard or scooters, both are a popular form of transport amongst all types of ages these days. However, you can judge electric scooter and electric skateboards by scanning them over various factors like:

  • Speed
  • Price
  • Safety
  • Weight
  • Easy to drive  
  • Commuting and Practicality 
  • Style 
  • Maintenance 

Speed Test: Electric Skateboard Vs Electric Scooter

1st, we would try to judge both of the rides on the basis of the question which everyone wants to know: Skateboard vs scooter, which one is faster? 

Speed is one of the top factors which we observe in any vehicle or ride. The maximum speed of both devices can vary a lot depending on the quality of your model and the power of its motor. Both the rides can literally touch up to 50mph; it’s like any fast pace car on the road.

But if we directly compare both the rides, then the top speed which has been yet recorded for the skateboard was around 59.55mph which qualified for the Guinness Book of World Records. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? 

On to the other hand, electric scooters doesn’t hold any such records. Though considered as one of the fastest e-rides, the electric scooters usually give up to 58-59 mph speed, which is around the speed of an e-skateboard.

So basically, if we see closely, there isn’t much difference between the speed of both rides. However, skateboards do have an upper hand due to making the world record.

So, In the light of the Guinness world record, the winner of this competition is : Electric Skateboard

Price Test: Electric Scooter Vs Electric Skateboard

After speed, next on our list is the Price test in skateboard vs scooter faceoff. Of course, before buying a good ride, we all want to analyze which ride would be more affordable for us, and make comparatively a less big hole in our pockets.  

Basically, the price range for both the electric scooter or skateboard can vary widely depending on their speed, model, and specifications. However, electric skateboards can be a bit more costly than Electric Scooters.  

For example, you can get a good commuting e-scooter for around $340 with all the major specifications and better speed. On the other hand, if you want a normal speedy e-skate, you will probably have to spend some 100 more dollars to get it. 

The reason why Electric skateboards are a bit more costly is their shorter market in comparison to the large manufacturing market of e-scooters. When the supply is higher than demand, the prices go down automatically. It's as simple as that. Also, the electric skateboards are more popular in the youth. 

However, some electric scooters can also cost a lot due to their thunder speed, and different latest specifications. So, skateboard vs Scooter; who is the winner? 

That means in the price test for electric scooter vs electric skateboard, our winner is No One – It’s a Tie 

Safety Test: Electric Skateboard Vs Electric Scooter

So here comes another scooter vs skateboard test. As we discussed earlier, there’s nothing bigger than the safety and security of the riders, and one should be highly meticulous in his/her choice while choosing the right ride for themselves. When analyzing between these two rides; Skateboards have a higher center of gravity than scooters. 

Electric scooters ride low to the ground, and hence have less center of gravity which makes them run safer on the ground. 

Other than this, Scooters comes with handlebars that offer safety and support to the rider while lessening the chances of losing balance and sudden falls. Whereas skateboards have nothing to hold on to for support, and you need to balance yourself firmly in order to maintain stability. 

However, if we check both the rides on top speed, they both are equally dangerous if you don’t have your protective gears on. The electric scooter is also more likely to slip off and injure the boarder with its handlebars on top speed. This is such a dilemma now! 

Which one is safer?  I guess both the rides have their merits and demerits when it comes to safety, which means we clearly have no winner in the safety test of electric skateboard vs electric scooter challenge. It’s a TIE. Again

Weight Test: Electric Scooter Vs Electric Skateboard

Scooter vs Skateboard: Weight is another important factor to look for in the e-rides. The lighter the weight, the portable your electric ride would be for you to carry everywhere. Most of the people need to get into the train along with their e-ride or take it inside their colleges or workplaces holding it in their hand. 

Now practically, any of these tasks cannot be performed with a heavy weighing vehicle on your back.  

In Skateboard vs scooter test; scooters are generally pretty much portable. You can push them, park them almost anywhere, and drag them along easily. But electric scooters have higher net weight which makes them pretty hard to carry up a flight of stairs, or on your back in the bus.  

Where skateboards not only weigh less but are also more portable than electric scooters. You can carry them in a backpack, under your arm, or even in your school/college locker. 

And with this statement, the weight test has won by: Electric Skateboards.  

Easy to Ride Test: Electric Skateboard Vs Electric Scooter

Another scooter vs skateboard test. When it comes to packing a ride for ourselves, we usually imagine neither speed, nor weight, but how fun would it be for us to ride it! Yes, an electric ride needs to be smooth, rider-friendly, and comfortable to carry in order to make the ride enjoyable and thrilling for the rider.  

Again, this is going to depend on the model and other features of the ride, but frankly speaking- electric scooters are more convenient and easier to ride than e-skateboards. E-scooter allows you to carry yourself by holding the handlebar while standing on the deck carefree. While riding an e-skateboard, you need extreme expertise over your body to manage stability. But you also can’t deny the fun and thrill we get riding a skateboard. Like that whooshing sounds and talking to the air! Oh anyways  

So, who won the easy-to-ride test in the electric scooter vs electric skateboard challenge? The Electric Scooter. 

The Cool-Style Test – Electric Scooter Vs Electric Skateboards

Okay, though this doesn’t come in the practical features in scooter vs skateboard challenge, but c’mon you cannot disagree with the fact that along with all the features we also want our ride to be cool and trendy. Like what is a purpose of a skateboard or scooter that looks like a ride of a kid next door?  

When it comes to judging better style and recognition between skateboards vs scooters; then scooters have become a pretty common ride nowadays. Every other kid, teen, and adult is busy whizzing through the streets on their e-scooter – nothing new about them anymore. 

Where e-skateboards have the ability to still turn the heads due to the dangerous stunts that skaters perform on road. Though the risk factors are always high in skateboard stunts, but if you judge them on the basis of ‘coolness’ then the winner of our electric skateboard vs electric scooter faceoff is Electric skateboard.  

Commuting and Practicality Test: Electric Scooter Vs Electric Skateboard

The next test in the scooter vs skateboard challenge is for commuting and practicality. First, we talk about practicality. Electric scooters and electric skateboards are both convenient to ride. However, both are equipped with slightly different tools. The electric scooter uses pneumatic tires, which are more suitable to ride on plain or difficult terrain. 

Whereas electric skateboards come with urethane tires which are custom wear resistant tires. They can hold much weight and remains stable on the wobble-wabble roads. Moreover, looking at skateboard vs scooters competition, then both rides offer wide range and can cover long distance with ease. 

This means again, we have either two winners or no winner at all – it’s a TIE.

God, this competition is getting tougher. 

Maintenance Test: Electric Scooter Vs Electric Skateboard

When we invest in a ride, we make sure that we don’t have to spend a fortune on its maintenance. Like who would like to spend hundreds of dollars on a ride every month? That’s too much. 

When it comes to judging between scooter vs skateboard, the maintenance cost is so far the same for both of the rides due to having relatively similar components. Either skateboard or scooter, both devices feature an enclosed system to house the most important technical components. 

However, you may have trouble finding maintenance tools and replacement parts for both of your e-rides, and hence can cost you some more bucks. 

So technically, in this final test also – we declare a TIE between a skateboard vs scooter.  

Verdict – Electric Skateboard Won By 3 Points

It was indeed the most difficult challenge. Electric skateboards and scooters are both amazing and exhilarating rides, which gives you an easy and eco-friendly jaunt within the city. As far as this Electric scooter vs electric skateboard challenge is concerned; then so far, we can say that Electric Skateboards are comparatively a better ride in terms of comfort, speed and maneuverability.

However, both rides are suitable and ideal for some riders and worst for some. It all depends on one’s choice, demands and priorities, and nothing much.  

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