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Too much fun can sometimes be dangerous, it’s true and especially when you’re skateboarding. Therefore, there are some Electric Skateboarding Safety Tips you need to follow to avoid skating on thin ice and with your five senses on high alert, if not six.

Accordingly, if you’re the one to coast on a Motorized Skateboard, this article is for you. But first, let's talk about all the benefits of skateboarding.

Benefits of Skateboarding

Skateboarding has several benefits, being an inexpensive sport you don't have to pay much at all for your kid to enjoy a recreational activity. Moreover, many social benefits come along with it, including interaction and bonding with neighbourhood friends. Furthermore, the sport goes well along with your overall fitness and burns your calories.

What's more, you get free transportation full of fun that builds your muscles and relieves your stress and depression. This way your kid even inculcates bravery, flexibility, precision and coordination, while learning how to multitask.

One thing’s for sure though you kid will be fine-tuned with tolerating pain because to skateboard means to fall and get back, over and over again. So learn to be okay with catching bruises on your kid here and there.

Furthermore, skating develops your children, it gives them additional patience and autonomy- as well as much-needed freedom. Through skateboarding, persistence and creativity can be achieved without complications. So get ready to build a community as your kid starts to skateboard his way to an exciting and thrilling lifestyle!

Learning about the numerous benefits skateboarding has to offer, you know you’re getting a sweet deal so do not be afraid to go for it.

Top 8 Skateboarding Safety Tips for Kids

Regardless of whether you have a manual or electric skateboard, there are a few things that kids should be aware of before going for a skate. While they do appear to be quite safe, falling off, especially from an electric skateboard capable of speeds of up to 20 mph, can be extremely dangerous.

Therefore, here we have eight Electric Skateboarding Safety Tips for Kids that need adherence.

1.  Wear a Helmet

First and foremost, let me tell you something that might not be news but you need reminding of- you only have one head. So the next time you go strolling on a skateboard don't forget to wear a helmet even if it's just to travel a street over.

In this case, you know your mother's right. You've been wearing a helmet ever since you were a kid. You're never too old or too cool to not wear one, especially if it means you can protect yourself from some major brain damage. 

A helmet time and time again has proved to be particularly successful in preventing brain injury in low-impact collisions, such as those that are more likely to occur when riding an electric skateboard.

So before you land in a hospital after flying head-first over the front of the handlebars and concrete with nothing to brace your fall, be prepared beforehand.

For best safety, make sure the helmet fits your head properly and sits low on your forehead.

2.  Extra Protection Gear

Another Electric Skateboarding Safety Tips for Kids include wearing more than just a helmet to guard your life. Put on some wrist pads, elbow pads, gloves, knee pads to prevent a large hospital bill and some avoidable agony.

Wear extra safety gear if possible because the more the merrier. Full-length clothing and body protection are highly suggested, especially if you're a beginner or ride at high speeds. And, believe it or not, you’ll even look cool!

If it's your first time on a skateboard, this is extremely vital. Protective equipment is necessary while you're learning- and after too.

Trust us when we say that this forethought will save a lot of visits to the ER.

3.  Show Yourself, Be Visible

One of the most difficult aspects of riding safely is being visible in the first place. When driving or walking, drivers and pedestrians frequently have tunnel vision, so make sure that you are seen!

Therefore, when riding at night, make use of electric board lights as well as a light on your helmet or upper body. Also, wear bright, neon, or even retro-reflective clothing.

If you're not sure whether or not a motorist can see you, pull over to the side of the road and wait till they pass. Note that most cars will not expect you to be able to accelerate at 20 mph, rather expecting a manual skateboard. Hence, it's advisable to wait for them to pass before getting back on your electric skateboard.

As a whole, it is required for you to have proper light before you go on forth for a smooth ride on your skateboard.

4.  Know Your Limit

Don't go beyond your comfort zone, both in terms of where you ride and how fast you ride. Riding slow is acceptable. Therefore to tally another one of Electric Skateboarding Safety Tips for Kids, it is essential to learn that everybody's riding skill is different. So know first your limit and then ride as fast as you're okay with riding.

It will take some time, but with practice, you will gain confidence and be able to handle higher speeds without jeopardizing your safety. This method also applies to specific types of terrain. Don't worry if you can't manage cycling on rough terrain. You can work your way up to it.

Start using the electric skateboard remote's beginning settings as you ride it for the first time. Then, level up to the next setting when you're more prepared. And soon, you'll be zipping around the streets feeling as secure and confident as ever!

So if you aren't skilful enough, word of advice, avoid doing tricks or operate at high speeds.

5.  Maintenance

Skateboarding, whether electric or manual, requires regular maintenance. So always check the brakes, preferably before every ride, and tighten the wheels after every few kilometres. The wheels can loosen up and you wouldn't like them to slip off while you're driving, so don't throw caution to the wind with these Electric Skateboarding Safety Tips for Kids.

It's also a good idea to inspect the engine and the board's deck for any cracks or breakage. You want to make every effort to ensure that your journey is as safe as possible and that nothing goes wrong along the journey.

Remember it is better to be safe than sorry.

6.  For Worse Or For Better

On the highways or trails, you can't always count on everyone to follow the laws and be safe. As a result, you must constantly be prepared for the possibility of someone appearing out of the blue.

Never forget to carry a phone, first-aid kit, and a card having your emergency contacts' noted with you. More so, be certain of the fact that you're covered with proper insurance.

No matter if you're going outside your house, a park, or over to a friend's, you must obtain aid as quickly as possible unless something horrible happens. Be it a minor scrape or something more serious, it's always a fine decision to plan ahead.

Although skateboarding is an enjoyable hobby, it is possible you can harm yourself while you're at it. Therefore, always prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario.

7.  Use Caution

Always be cautious and keep your pace slow down as you see pedestrians or vehicles. If the road is wet, don't skate, and don't listen to music on your skateboard. As per Electric Skateboarding Safety Tips for Kids, you shouldn't drink and drive as well. Seems obvious however you'll be surprised how common the practice is.

Riding your electric skateboard after a couple of too many drinks is not just a threat to not just yourself, but also others. Thus, be a responsible citizen and play it safe by following the rules.

Moreover, you should also not let inexperienced riders ride your Eboard. In the case that you let that happen, be sure to make them wear a helmet even if it's just for a few metres.

8.  Avoid Traffic

Avoid approaching oncoming traffic and try to keep as far away from big vehicles as possible.

Kids usually have poor control, misjudgment over their prowess, lack of distance judging and critical thinking experience. Also, they are less coordinated, have delayed reflexes.

Hence, as a parent, you should keep a constant eye on your young ones and never allow them to ride on roadways or other potentially hazardous areas.

Bottom Line

These were some of the best Electric Skateboarding Safety Tips for Kids we listed just for you. And to conclude, it is of significance to say, cheap thrills like skateboarding are seldom found. Therefore, make the best out of this awesome opportunity with safety precautions under abidance like religion. 

Henceforth, be ready to glide your way to a getaway to nirvana as the wind blows you into the dimensions of adventure and ecstasy. Hold on tight though because these electric skateboard double the fun- and speed!


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