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Electric Skateboards: The Future Of Next Gen Travel

In the present generation, we are actually in the midst of a conveyance revolution where the future wave appears to be the electric medium. Electric motorcycles have been introduced for generations, and electric cars have also taken off during the last several years; however, the electric longboard happens to be the trendiest thing that everybody appears to be talking about. Right now, remote control electric skateboard or all-terrain electric longboards have been introduced on the streets, college campuses, and just about every urban location. The attractiveness of an electric longboard happens to be the fact that they make up for what is lacked by a conventional longboard.

Functionality Of An Electric Skateboard

Thanks to the introduction of the electric skateboard, pushing as well as kicking has become things of the past. As a matter of fact, you will come across several electric skateboards which are able to perform speeds of as much as 25 miles every hour, thus providing the capability of commuting much quicker as compared to the conventional skateboards. Apart from this, these electric skateboards likewise enable longboard riders to commute on new landscapes, as well as on uphill. The contemporary electric skateboards include some innovative safety features such as a regenerative braking system which will prevent the beginner riders from falling down or losing control.

Besides all these top-notch features, an electric mountain board is likewise extremely affordable. The overall functioning cost of a contemporary electric skateboard can vary somewhere between $100 and $1,500 which is not bad at all when compared to other modes of conveyance.

Some essential features of an electric skateboard

  1. These are extremely portable as well as lightweight

It is a fact that an electric mountain board happens to be much lighter as compared to a traditional one. Because of their lightweight characteristic, these are great products for anyone who prefers carrying them around. Nevertheless, it is of prime importance to comprehend why these boards have been so heavily in demand in recent years. In general, you will come across 3 main reasons why longboarders are interested in portable and lightweight electric skateboards: simplicity of transport, portability, as well as cost. 

  1. Cost-effective: Electric skateboards might be excessively costly. However, contemporary lightweight electric skateboards offer similar features at a reduced price. For instance, a contemporary inexpensive electric skateboard will be able to provide the identical range as well as speed, unlike the costly ones. They are fantastic in terms of saving cash while providing you with the identical value.
  2. Urban usage: These electric skateboards will be able to serve you the best in terms of urban usability. It will be possible to easily carry the contemporary electric longboards on a bus or car, particularly because of their portable characteristics. They will help to make the overall transportation much more bearable while providing the users with a fantastic riding experience.
  3. Speed: Speed happens to be the most notable thing regarding an electric skateboard. In fact, the majority of the electric longboards are able to perform high-speed runs and they will be able to cover as many as 30 miles as well. The world will appear small in front of you when you’re using these electric boards.
  4. Extremely safe: As mentioned earlier, the majority of the electric mountain boards feature a regenerative braking system as well as brushless hub motors. These innovative breaks are much safer than making use of bodyweight or a foot for slowing down. Besides this, most of these electric boards are available with a remote which can be utilized for controlling moving as well as stopping. It is possible to ride at top speeds using these electric boards in even the toughest terrains.

Bear in mind that a remote control electric longboard can prove to be a fantastic solution for enjoying a ride on your weekends. Below, we have mentioned several top portable as well as light electric longboards available on Venice Longboards.

  1. Megladon Electric Mountain Baord: This particular mountain board happens to be one of the most advanced sort of electric mountain board out on the market. It is made from top-quality Candian Maple and an extremely strong deck which helps to make it extremely resilient so that you can use it on any type of road. It can easily be used on pavements like footpaths and bitumen roads and can travel at max speeds of 25 miles per hour.
  2. Gavucci Electric Longboard: This product uses extremely resilient fiberglass double-deck which provides the rider with optimum stability as well as comfort. The electric skateboard has been powered using a 1500 W dual hub engine which will be able to produce as much as 30% of hill climb gradient. Besides these, the wheels of this longboard have been manufactured from top-quality honeycomb rubber which will provide the user with unparalleled riding experience on any kind of terrain.
  3. Big Sur Electric Mountain Board: This product can be easily referred to as the fastest electric mountain board out there. It will provide you with lots of innovative features including hassle-free sliding experience, long battery life, accurate gear control, as well as dual-band FM. The presence of the 3300W engine and 11Ah lithium-ion battery helps to make it extremely usable in the long run. It will be feasible to use this particular electric mountain board easily on bitumen, pavers, concrete, footpaths, as well as rough terrains.
  4. Little OJ Boosted Electric Longboard: This particular longboard happens to be a flawless instance of power as well as usability. It makes use of a body which is splash-proof together with Canadian Maple which has been imported. These help to make it extremely strong as well as tough. The most notable aspect regarding this product is that it will be capable of providing a range of 10 km within only 2 hours of total charge time. It is possible to use this electric skateboard easily on surfaces which consist of footpaths, concrete, bitumen roads, as well as all sorts of rough terrain conditions.
If you like to travel by making use of electric skateboards, make it a point to come in touch with Venice Longboards. This company is known to provide top-quality products along with remarkable customer service in the US. In case you’d like to know more, make sure to visit their website.

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