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Feel The Thrill Of Adventure With The Best Electric Mountain Boards

As compared to any other conventional electric skateboard, an electric mountain board has the potentiality of going off the tarmac. You can easily define an electric skateboard as an enormous longboarding truck. These boards have the ability to do everything irrespective of whether you’d like to explore and also overpower any rocky obstacle or go up through the hills with steep slopes. They mostly consist of robust motors, larger trucks, massive wheels, an oversized battery, a top-quality suspension set up, as well as an extra-long deck for accommodating all these sundries. 

Besides these, these electric skateboards have been manufactured with great quality as well as additional care. It is a fact that the different components of this electric longboard usually experience significant vibrations while going through rugged terrains, mainly because of the additional power needed, physical stress, plus significant vibrations. It is imperative for these electric skateboards to be resilient and strong so that they are able to endure several other impending forces as well. Consequently, they are usually made extremely durable by the manufacturers using high-quality components.

These electric skateboards which are mostly controlled by a remote will be able to provide you with lots of advantages. On most occasions, they feature an extremely powerful motor which will be able to propel the rider with a better speed in further distances without any sort of discomfort whatsoever. Here, we have talked about some of the most significant advantages provided by an electric mountain board.

Benefits provided by an electric mountain board

  1. Wide and powerful truck

It is imperative for the trucks of all these electric longboards to be wide as well as powerful. Bear in mind that trucks which are wide will be capable of providing better stability and also maneuverability as compared to the thinner trucks. One of the most difficult components to build in a motorized skateboard happens to be the trucks, and because of this, at Venice Longboards, they hold their manufacturers responsible for their products so as to ensure the most comfortable and safest ride for the user.

  1. Robust electric motor

There is no doubt about the fact that all these remote control electric skateboards come with more powerful motors so as to take care of the rocky landscapes out there. Bear in mind that in case the motor is more powerful, the climb assist, acceleration, as well as agility offered by these longboards, will be better. If you are planning to purchase these types of remote control longboards for handling various types of tarmacs, it will be sensible to go for one having superior power which will be able to handle any sort of terrain.

  1. ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)

It is the electronic speed controller within these longboards which happens to be the brain of the product. Put simply, these devices aid in controlling the drive as well as the speed of the motor. The ESC aids in providing the motor with the proper amount of electric power which regulates the acceleration as well as the braking curve.

  1. Wheels and wheel size

Large tires will be imperative for riding in rough road conditions when it comes to the safety of the user. It is important to bear in mind that the wheels of a normal remote-controlled skateboard are not intended for rocky patches out there. In fact, wheels, as well as wheel size, happen to be a significant difference between a regular skateboard and an off-road one. In fact, it is possible to inflate the off-road wheels as and when required, unlike the conventional pneumatic wheels. Tire pressure, as well as wheel set up happens to be the 2 most essential aspects in terms of getting a superior riding experience for the users.

  1. The quality of the battery and its size

Another essential factor to consider when it comes to the cost, range, as well as weight of a remote-controlled electric skateboard will be the size and the quality of the battery. It will be possible for the electric mountain board to get a better range in case the battery happens to be bigger and better. An electric skateboard ought to have a battery of bigger capacity which will help to rescue the rider from any bad patch out there.

Best electric skateboards from Venice Longboards

  1. The Gizepo High Powered Electric Longboard

This particular product’s deck area has been manufactured from Canadian maple, rubber, as well as a blend of aluminum alloy. Top-quality inbuilt battery protection, as well as a dual-motor controller within this product aids in safeguarding the battery unit from short-circuit or overvoltage problems at the time of charging. It likewise features cutting-edge hub technology, regenerative braking, as well as a huge battery capacity. It will be possible for the riders to make use of this electric skateboard easily on various types of terrains like bitumen roads, sidewalks, and other types of off-road tarmacs.

  1. Megladon Electric Mountain Board

If you are planning to purchase a motorized longboard, then you should not ignore this product by any means. Its deck has been manufactured from as many as 7 layers of Canadian maple which helps to make it virtually unbreakable. The dimensions of this product happen to be 930 mm x 265 mm x 135 mm and it comes with a weight capacity of approximately 12 pounds. It will provide the user with a tested mileage of around 15 miles and features an astounding load-carrying capacity of approximately 285 pounds.

  1. Big Sur All-Terrain Electric Longboard

This high power all-terrain electric longboard uses a top-quality fiberglass double-deck made of Canadian Maple providing the user with optimum stability as well as comfort. This longboard has been powered using a revolutionary 1650W dual hub belt engine which will be able to produce as much as 30% of hill climb gradient. It also features a powerful Lithium battery which can be recharged within just 1.5 hours. The longboard is able to go approximately 30 km on one charge only and will be able to perform top-speed runs of around 38 km/h.

By now you have surely made up your mind to get the best one for you. So wait no more and login in to Venice Longboards to choose the right one for you.

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