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Get The Best Electric Longboards From Venice Longboards

Longboarding has come a long way over the past few years. Currently anyone can easily call it a very popular worldwide sports activity. Origination in the late ‘50s somewhere near the Hawaii islands, the mountain boarding culture got well known in places such as Detroit, California, and in the mid of the United States. After gaining a good amount of popularity in the ‘60s, several notable changes were made to its design language and then evolved the culture of electric mountain boards. Apart from its funky gravity-defying fashion, a modern-day electric skateboard has got many health benefits. No matter if you are on the verge of performing some daring stunts or if you just want to do some leisure cruising, electric longboards are the best for improving a person's overall health and in burning those extra calories. Whatever be the reason of yours buying an electric mountain board you can always count on us. Here in this blog, we would be helping you in unleashing your adventure spirit with the help of modern-day electric mountain boards. Stay tuned to check some of our best offerings.

Big Sur Electric Mountain Board: The Big Sur Electric longboard can be easily called the fastest of all remote control longboards available in the market. Some of the main features of this electric skateboard comprises dual-band FM, a very smooth sliding experience, long battery life, and precise gear shift. Power to this board comes from a very powerful 3300W dual hub motor ensuring a climb angle of more than thirty degrees. Apart from all these, this electric mountain board s also features four different riding modes along with another four types of braking modes. Power to the motor is generated from a big and powerful 11AH lithium-ion battery. This electric all-terrain skateboard can be suitably used on tarmacs such as concrete, bitumen, footpaths, and on different other off-road conditions. The Big Sur Electric Mountain Board makes sure that the rider experiences unprecedented riding experience each and every time.

Megladon Electric Mountain Board: In case you are thinking of buying a motorized skateboard you can never ignore the all-purpose Megladon Electric Mountain Board. The deck of this super powerful mountain board is made up of seven layers of Canadian maple making it almost unbreakable. The overall dimensions of this electric longboard are 930*265*135 mm respectively and it has an overall weight of approximately twelve pounds. This electric skateboard provides the user a tested mileage of approx. fifteen miles and it has a load-carrying capacity of around 285 pounds. The long feature list of this boosted mountain board includes long battery life, dual-band FM, smooth riding experience, and a very precise and easy gear speed limit. The Megladon electric longboard can be easily changed from zero to a hundred in somewhat around two hours. Riders can use this longboard on different street materials such as concrete roads, pavers, footpaths, and bitumen roads. With the Megladon Electric Longboard, you can get the utmost satisfaction on every ride.

The Gizepo High Powered Electric Longboard: The deck area of the Gizepo High Powered Electric Longboard is made up of rubber, Canadian maple, and a mixture of aluminum alloy. The power of this boosted board is generated from a dual hub, 1000 W electric motor which is further mated to a 50.4V 14.4Ah 12s3P battery. Apart from all these this electric skateboard also features a high-performance dual motor controller and built-in battery protection that can help in protecting the battery unit from any sort of overvoltage or short circuit while charging. It gets a Trizone silicon inlet sealing item, regenerative braking, advanced hub technology, and a large battery capacity. The overall load-carrying capacity of this longboard is around 120 kgs and it has a gradient climb angle of thirty degrees. Riders can easily use this longboard on terrain types such as sidewalks, bitumen roads, and other off-road tarmacs.

Gavucci Electric Longboard: The Gavucci electric longboard makes use of super-strong fiberglass bamboo double-deck providing the rider with utmost comfort and stability. The board is powered with the help of a 1500 W dual hub belt motor producing up to thirty percent of hill climb gradient. This e-board comes combined with a 14Ah Sanyo GA Lithium battery that has a recharge time of only four hours. This electric board is capable of going almost thirty kilometers on a single charge and can do high-speed runs of approx. 38km/hr. Apart from these, the wheels of this particular electric longboard is made up of solid honeycomb rubber, giving unmatched ride experience on every use. The Gavucci Electric Longboard can be used on both off-road and on-road conditions such as grass, footpaths, sidewalks, bitumen roads, concrete, pavements etc.

Sierra Madre Electric Longboard:  The Sierra Madre electric boosted board is undoubtedly the best example of acceleration, speed, torque, and range. The body of this remote control skateboard is made up of very high-grade materials such as Canadian maple wood, rubber, and cast aluminum alloy. This electric longboard comes with an integrated 1000W DC motor unit having reduced power loss and increased transmission efficiency. The motor is also coupled with a powerful Panasonic 50.4v 14.4Ah 12s3P battery having a charge time of only two hours. This boosted board has an overall range of around 45 kilometers and a maximum speed limit of 45km/hr. Overall this can be your perfect companion for your weekend fun drives and for your regular small city commutes. This boosted board works just fine on every sort of tarmac like hilly roads, grass, pavements, bitumen roads, footpaths, gravel, sidewalks etc. The sierra madre electric all-terrain skateboard is known to provide an unprecedented riding experience anytime and everywhere.

In case you are planning to start off with your skateboarding journey with new and modern electric mountain boards, you can always come and board with us. At Venice longboards, we offer high-quality products along with best in class warranty and customer service in the entire United States. Log on to our website to know more.

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