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How Electric Longboards Are Taking Over Venice Beach

How Electric Longboards Are Taking Over Venice Beach

In accordance with the newest iteration of electric transport, the electric longboards are well taking over the metropolitan cities all across the country and Venice Beach is undoubtedly the latest victim of such an invasion. Venice beach is an eccentric seaside resort located in Los Angeles in the southernmost part of California.

For a pretty long time, this particular place has been a cradle for several underground cultures which is now known all across the world. Another thing that everyone notices while venturing across the streets of Venice beach is its beautiful atmosphere. Venice Beach is a quiet and small island located just in the middle of urban sprawl standing approximately thirteen hundred kilometers in length. Moreover, the resort present in Venice Beach is vibrant in color much similar to that of the punk city in itself.

Moreover, anybody can see history being infused in the gaudy and vivid wall murals of the city. One of these wall murals features bare-chested Jim Morrison having a microphone in one hand along with an orange background. The portrait of Jim Morrison seems to be constantly looking at anybody who is moving towards the beach. All the giant graffiti walls displayed on the streets seems to be an endless ballet.

More About Venice Beach: Anybody visiting Venice beach can actually get impressed by the overall originality of the place. Its beauty and cultural diversity reveal the hidden side of the American society where two different cultures coexist simultaneously. To be true, Venice beach is actually fascinating while depicting America’s old-fashioned culture, its contradiction, and many more. Moreover, it is a hub for electric longboarding culture to flourish in the United States.

How And Why Electric Longboards Are Taking Over Venice Beach?

The world-famous Venice beach is particularly known for its infamous Muscle beach, artsy boardwalk, entertaining performers and the Venice beach skate part. The skate part of Venice beach is located just in the middle of everything, somewhere near the west end of Market park. Furthermore, the trail of the Venice beach goes all the way to its south till the Santa Monica Pier. The approximate area is around nine miles in total.

The overall trail is further known for being too smooth with a mix of several types of traffic like longboarders, walkers, joggers, bikers, and even rollerbladers all across the street. Moreover, the path further provides a great ride and view of the beach, ocean, the pier, and all the fun that takes place across the Venice Beach area. Furthermore, the big adult playground in the southern part of Santa Monica Pier is undoubtedly a perfect place to play around and even watch different types of athletic sports.

Overall the Venice Beach park is diversified in nature while having a variety of obstacles and bowls particularly designed for the electric longboarders. The front area of the electric mountain boarding park is somewhat flat while having small ledges and rails where longboarders can grind on. Moreover, the longboarding ring features small and smooth vertical walls that can be used for transition.

Coming down to the central part of the part, it features three main longboarding bowls along with an area for street electric longboarding. These longboarding bowls are pretty large in size and the biggest bowl tends to revolve around the eastern part of the park. The bowl has a sort of coping all across its deep edges where longboarders can try rolling in. Furthermore, the remaining two bowls that are present in the park are much small in size. The central part of the bowl has a coping around its side which goes all throughout a steep roll within a small gap. In case you are into electric mountain longboarding, looking out to cruise your way, you should check out every nook and corner of the park. You must hop into your remote-controlled longboard and electric skateboard all across the bike route to the Santa Monica Pier.

Best Electric Longboards That Can Make You A Stand Out In Venice Beach

  • Megladon: The Megladon Electric Mountain Board is made up of a seven-layer Canadian Maple wood thereby making it durable and lightweight at the same time. The overall dimensions of this particular longboard are approximately 930*265*130 mm and its overall weight stands at only 12 pounds. The Megladon boosted board provides a milage of approximately fifteen miles while having a load-carrying capacity of around 265 pounds. Furthermore, this boosted board can be used on different sort of paved surfaces as well as different off-road terrains too.
  • Big Sur: The Big Sur Electric Mountain Board is undoubtedly one of the fastest all-terrain electric mountain board from the house of Venice Longboard. This particular e-board comprises a lot of features which include, extremely long battery life, precise gear shift indicator, dual-band FM, and super smooth gliding experience. Moreover, it gets its power from a big 3300W motor that helps in ensuring a climb angle of thirty degrees of incline. Moreover, with four different riding modes and four braking modes, you can surely find the best of your life riding experience. Moreover, the Big Sur electric mountain board is capable of conquering any sort of surfaces and paved street materials like pavers, concrete, footpaths, bitumen roads, and other types of off-road terrains, dirt, and gravel tracks, short grass, etc.
  • Irvine Power Electric Longboard: The Irvine Power Electric Longboard comes with a dual drive motor design where each motor provides an output of approximately nine hundred watts. Moreover, this electric longboard can handle a load of around 330 pounds and can climb at an angle of 25 degrees approximately. This e-board also comes with a set of light strips located at the bottom part of the board which generally changes while in the driving process. This Irvine power electric longboard has got a battery capacity of 7.5 AH providing a riding distance of approximately twenty-eight kilometers. The Irvine power electric longboard can be suitably used on paved broadways, footpaths, bitumen roads, and even on off-road areas such as gravel tracks dirt, grass, etc. This electric board is undoubtedly the best to play within Venice beach.
  • Gavucci Electric Longboard: The Gavucci Electric Longboard makes use of a double drop deck made with fiberglass bamboo giving the rider a very comfortable and stable riding experience. This particular e-board is powered by a dual hub 1500W electric motor which has a hill-climbing angle of approximately thirty percent. Moreover, this longboard comes with an ergonomic hobby remote having three different types of speed mode. The e-board is capable of going up to 38km/hr and is go approximately thirty kilometers on one single charge. The wheels of this e-board comprise honeycomb tires made with solid rubber, especially giving the rider unmatched riding comfort on any sort of terrains. Furthermore, the hardness of the tires makes this particular board just perfect for drifts and slides. The boosted board makes use of a suitable track length along with a double size kingpin axle and proper bushing.

No matter where you want to use your electric longboard, you can always board with us. We at Venice Longboards, provide great quality service, and warranty on each and every product listed on our website. In case you want to know more about us or our products, don’t forget to pay a visit to our website.

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