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How Fast Will Electric Longboards Be Able To Go In The Future?

In the current world, where time has become a very precious commodity, being able to move from point A to point B fast and easily has become very much essential. Electric longboards are an all-new innovative solution for this sort of dilemma. Ever since these electric longboards were launched, they have been making the lives of riders more and more convenient. They are undoubtedly light weight, portable, fast and easy to carry. Furthermore, to top it all off, they are really fun to ride. Whenever anyone is planning to buy themselves an electric longboard, the question about how fast it can go is one we get very often. If you are thinking to spend a bit of money on an electric mountain longboard, you need to always make sure that it is fast enough for all your commutes. But how fast can it go? Read on to know more as we discuss it all throughout this blog.


Average Speed Of An Electric Longboard


On average, an electric longboard can travel from almost eighteen to twenty-eight miles per hour which approximately stands in between 30-45 km/hr. The top speed of these longboards differs from one model to another and it is further determined by different other factors, such as riders weight, terrain condition, power output from the motor and even the wheel size.

While we are talking about speed, it is important to say that safety is the key. Whenever you are riding an electric longboard, make sure to always wear a helmet. Never try to push things harder and always ride within your levels of skill. Remember high speed might seem tempting but at the same time, it can also be dangerous.


Guinness Book Record For The Fastest Electric Longboard


In order to look at the full potential of a remote-controlled longboard and electric skateboard, we definitely need to check out the fastest one in the Guinness Book of World Records. Currently, the fastest speed on an electric longboard was set by Mischo Erba in 2016. While making the record, he used an e-board that was modified heavily in order to speed his way to the record-setting pace of almost sixty miles per hour. Altogether this means that the fastest an electric longboard can travel is approximately sixty miles per hour. To be true, this wasn’t typical. The attempted record was really risky. Mischo Erba undertook the challenge at some Slovenian airport and the e-board that he was using was heavily customized. It took almost nine years to develop while it utilized four different motors to reach that speed. The range of that electric skateboard was approximately six to nine miles and the record was made on a flat surface going around hundred meters.


Important Components That Contribute To The Top Speed Of An Electric Longboard


Almost every single electric skateboard rider has a need for speed. Furthermore, even commuters like to ride on a fast board whenever possible. The fact is whenever a budget is set, most of the buyers feel that top speed and range are two of the best determining factor while making an e-board purchase. Let us have a glance at some of the most important components that actually contribute to the making of the fastest electric-powered skateboards. Remember, an increase in speed also requires an increase in power, and an added extra power also adds extra weight. Furthermore, the added weight reduces the overall portability power of the board, which is pretty much important once the battery dies.

Overall Weight Of The Rider: The riders overall weight is one of the many things that needs to be considered whenever it comes to how fast your electric skateboard can run. Remember, the heavier the rider is, the slower is the top speed of the skateboard. The motor needs to work harder in order to carry more weight, especially while going in an uphill direction. Always try buying a board that is built to handle your weight range.


Power Of Your Electric Board Matters: For all those who want to buy an electric longboard for commuting, remember distance and speed needs a great balance. If you have a fast board with a range of only three to five miles, it won’t really work well, as you need to walk for a lot of it. On the contrary, if your board has a long-range but the speed is only five miles per hour, then walking can get you faster than the board. Remember a powerful motor can help you in accelerating faster and gain better speeds. So it is always recommended choosing your motor carefully.


Batteries And Controller: An electric skateboard can never work on its own. It surely needs help from computational controls, power and batteries. These generally work together to power your electric longboard. The fastest electric skateboards, needs you to have a battery capable enough to handle the power. Having the best quality battery is absolutely necessary if you want to use your longboard for higher speeds for a longer time period.


Furthermore, in addition to the battery power, you need to have a proper power output in order to match the power of your motor. In case you have an aggressively powerful motor and a weak battery, you will be using up all the power while just trying to accelerate.


A controller is a device that helps in building communication with everything. This device can instruct your board what you actually want to do. In simple words, it supplies the motor with the necessary power to actually follow your command and speed settings.


Voltage Efficiency And Battery Charge: While talking about batteries it is also important to discuss the charging capacities. The faster you want to travel, the more power you will be using. This actually requires you to carry spare batteries or even sacrifice your range for riding at top speeds. The charge in your longboards battery directly impacts how quickly your board can actually travel. Whenever the power starts getting low, your overall top speed will also decrease. Furthermore, voltage sag can also happen. This voltage sag decreases your current output based on overloading, starting your motor or even short-circuiting. This can directly affect your acceleration, which creates an impact on your ability to hit top speeds quickly.


The best thing about modern-day electric mountain longboarding is its speed. Most of the advanced e-boards are capable of doing high-speed runs while covering far off distances at the same time. Now, with the help of the new and modern boosted longboard, anybody and everybody can gulp up the deserted miles fast and easily. These modern days fast e-skateboards can make the world fall at your feet.


Apart from being fast the list for the benefits of electric longboard can never get exhausted. No matter, whatever your choice is, you can always board with us. At Venice Longboards we offer warranty on every product, quality customer care service and even a wholesome list of adventures on our website. Now, if you have made up your mind about the best type of electric longboard you want to use, you can try finding out the suitable model from our product offerings. Please visit our website in case you have any further questions that you want us to help you with. 

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