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How I Can Learn About Riding An Electric Longboard?

How I Can Learn About Riding An Electric Longboard?

Electric Longboarding is fun, and more than just fun it is an emotion for many. Over the past few years, there has been a major influx in the number of people who showed their desire for electric longboarding. The gain in the popularity of this sport is increasing rapidly all throughout the US and worldwide.

Naturally, beginners need to start with the basics and then slowly and steadily move towards advanced skills. Sometimes the beginners might get drawn towards the more complex electric longboarding techniques such as downhill, dancing, etc. Well, this isn’t advisable in the very first place. Riding an electronic skateboard is sometimes way straight forward and easier than most other unpowered longboards. Here, in this article, we will be discussing all the basics of learning how to ride a longboard.

  • Stance and Foot Position: Positioning of the foot and its stance is a pretty important aspect of riding an electric longboard. In the first place, all you need to do is to work out on your stance, goofy, or traditionally. The traditional stance is obtained when the left foot is placed forward followed by the right foot. On the other hand, goofy stands when the right foot is placed forward or vice versa. In case if you have snowboarded or skated earlier you can easily get a hold on this. Experienced skateboards know well about their preference and can ride on both the ways.
  • Acceleration: When it comes to the acceleration you need to distribute your body weight accordingly such that 60% of the weight lies on the front foot. While you have started gaining some momentum all your body weight will be forced towards the back foot. Once you get a bit of experience, you will soon overcome the initial inertia and then start feeling comfortable about shifting weight. Remember not to accelerate sharply if you aren’t ready. It can be dangerous and even result in making you fall. It will be great if you can lower the center of gravity by crouching down on the board. It is always advisable to lean on the front knees with the left hand holding the board and the controller on the right hand.
  • Braking: Braking can be done by just following the opposite steps of acceleration. Try shifting the weight back of the e-board and get ready for your weight to go forward while braking. Longboard braking is quite similar to that of car braking. The more you press the brake lever the stronger becomes the braking force.
  • Turning And Carving: Turning or curving is controlled by shifting the body weight from one side to another. The trucks of the longboard turn in the opposite direction of your body movement. It can be further adjusted by tightening the bolts on the trucks which can affect the tightness or sloppiness of your turning. Curving can be easily done by the beginners, just by controlling the speed and angle of the electric longboard.

Electric Longboarding is a fun activity. While you are planning to hit the streets with your electric board, don’t forget to wear proper safety gear. Remember staying safe is a lifestyle that ensures you enjoying many more skateboard rides in the future.

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