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How To: Maintenance Of Electric Skateboard Bearings

How To: Maintenance Of Electric Skateboard Bearings

Regular maintenance of an electric skateboard is the only way to keep it in its best running condition. Scrubbing, cleaning, and washing the wheels and bearing can make the e-board run in its optimum efficiency for a long period of time. Neglecting minor issues, can sometimes turn hazardous and can cause loss of range, or even cause major damage to the parts of the board.

Here, in this article, there are a few tips and steps which can be followed in order to maintain the bearings of an electric skateboard. 

  • Step 1

Slowly and steadily, try removing out the non-contact rubber shield of the skateboard bearing. Don’t clean the shields with any sort of solvents. This can cause the rubbery items to blister and might even ruin the overall fit on the bearings.

  • Step 2

Using acetone solvents, in the place of citrus-based cleaners can be the best way to clean dirty bearings. While working with these solvents, try to be extra careful. Always wear rubber gloves and work in a well-ventilated area when dealing with these solvents. Try not to use petroleum-based items such as gasoline, paint thinner, kerosene, lacquer thinner, or any other solvents that contain toluene.

  • Step 3

Now fill the bearing cleaning unit with 1/3rd of the solution and seal the cap. Now after thirty seconds, open the bottle, take the bearings out and give the bearings a spin. Use the solution, until and unless you are satisfied with the cleanliness of the bearings.

  • Step 4

Now, once you are done with the above step, remove all the bearings from the axle and dry them out with the help of a clean towel. It is also recommended to blow out the bearings with a can of compressed air. While you are blowing out the air, try to be extra careful and make sure that the solvent doesn’t get inside the eyes or any other place. You can even use a hairdryer for the same.

  • Step 5

Once all the bearings are dry and clean, the next step would be to lubricate them. Put at least two droplets of lubricant in every bearing and spin them between your fingers. Following this step can help in distributing the lubricant throughout the whole bearing. In case your e-board has ceramic bearings, don’t use more than one drop of lubricant. After this, the next step would be to put the rubber shields into proper position. They can just slip into their place with just some little push. There can be times when you can notice some wrinkles along the inner edge. To get rid of this, try running your thumb in a circular pattern gently over the shields. Now after everything is done, you can put those bearings back into your board's wheel.


When the rubber shields are removed, they can be cleaned using a simple cloth and soap water. In case you are using a soapy solution, make sure to dry out the shield, before placing it back into the bearings. Remember most of the solvents have some disposal recommendations and instructions written on their container. Always remain environment friendly and dispose of all these solvents and cleaning agents in a responsible way.

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