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How To Turn Your Electric Mountain Board From Regular Stance To Goofy

Goofy stance, goofy or goofy foot generally refers to a snowboarder, skateboarder, or a longboarder riding with his left foot at the rear, towards the end part of the board. The term "goofy" got its name because it is contrary to what most of the people use i.e., their left foot forward which is also termed as a regular stance. To be honest, there isn’t a particular way to stand erect on a skateboard, and most people feel it to be comfortable riding a skateboard regularly, instead of being goofy. 

In regards to the goofy stance, the dominant foot is often kept back because it can help in providing better control over the board. For beginners, it is better to go with the stance that they feel best. However, most of the budding longboarders, tend try out the goofy stance because in most cases it is unusual and can be fun to try, especially on an electric longboard. Much similar to that of writing with your left or right hand, it is indeed important to go with something that comes naturally. 

Knowing Your Stance Before Turning Your Electric Mountain Board From Regular To Goofy

In order to ride a board on different stances, it is extremely important for beginners to understand which stance can be used in order to get the best effect. A very crucial goal of a border stance in riding properly is to place the dominant foot of the rider towards the rear of the board thereby providing better precision during the movement. Remember, the dominant foot does most of the power steering while the one that is less dominant helps in providing balance and direction especially to the frontal area of the board. 

In order to determine your preferred electric mountain board stance, try to stand on the board with both your eyes closed while having equal weight distributed on both your feet. After you are done with this, have someone push you over and check which foot of yours is instinctively put down in order to stop you from falling. In most cases, this foot is likely to be the front foot of your longboard, as it is known to center most of your balance. 

Another great way by which you can figure out if you must use a goofy stance on an electric mountainboard is to walk all the way up on a staircase. Try noticing which foot you are using to step up onto your first step. Remember, that foot is most likely to be your back foot on the electric mountain board. In case it is your left foot, then you should definitely try out a goofy stance while doing electric mountain longboarding. 

How To Turn Your Electric Mountain Board From Regular Stance To Goofy

Primarily there are two key differences between ride fakie and ride switch. Firstly, while trying to switch skating you are riding on the nose or the frontal part of the board but while riding goofy, you are trying to ride with the tail of the board towards the front. In most cases, a switch needs you to use your opposite foot from any normal stance while a goofy usually uses a normal sort of stance. Here we are listing four really basic points especially for people who want to turn electric mountain board from a regular stance to a goofy stance.

    • Taking A Curve: While curving, try to get committed to the turn. Remember to relax your ankles and let your body weight take control over the turn. Initially, you might be feeling a bit confused because the direction in which the ankle bents seems to feel opposite to the exact lean direction that is used in a regular stance on a remote-controlled longboard and electric skateboard.
  • While Going Forward: While going in the forward direction, try balancing both your foot on the board. Keeping both your foot in proper position on the board can help in keeping balance while leaning right or left while going forward. This trick can really help in developing balance, especially on the non-dominant foot.
  • Standing Up Straight: In order to stand up straight 180 degrees, try taking your truck off the board, set it up on a carp, and try doing the standup. Surprisingly it might feel very close to the real slides both toeside and heelside especially for the amount of commitment and the correct form needed.
  • Practice On A Regular Basis: A great way to improve at riding switch is to do it as much as possible and that too at a regular time interval. No matter if you are riding your electric mountain board at a skatepark or down a street, the more you ride, the more natural you would feel. 
  • Record Yourself: Keeping a record of yourself while performing the same trick again and again especially while switching stance allows you to compare your form side by side and see if you have actually improved. While you are performing a switch trick, all the same principles of a regular trick are still applicable. The only difference between a switched trick is that the trick is mirrored. 

    Top Two Electric Mountain Boards For Practicing Goofy Stance

  • Big Sur: The big sur electric mountain board is undoubtedly one of the fastest all-terrain electric mountain board from the house of Venice Longboard. This particular e-board comprises a lot of features which include, extremely long battery life, precise gear shift indicator, dual-band FM, and super smooth gliding experience. Moreover, it gets its power from a big 3300W motor that helps in ensuring a climb angle of thirty degrees of incline. Moreover, with four different riding modes and four braking modes, you can surely find the best of your life riding experience. Moreover, the Big Sur electric mountain board is capable of conquering any sort of surfaces and paved street materials like pavers, concrete, footpaths, bitumen roads, and other types of off-road terrains, dirt, and gravel tracks, short grass, etc. This is undoubtedly the best mountainboard especially if you are up for practicing a goofy stance. 
  • Megladon: The Megladon electric mountain board is made up of a seven-layer Canadian Maple wood thereby making it durable and lightweight at the same time. The overall dimensions of this particular longboard are approximately 930*265*130 mm and its overall weight stands at only 12 pounds. The megladon boosted board provides a milage of approximately fifteen miles while having a load-carrying capacity of around 265 pounds. Furthermore, this boosted board can be used on different sort of paved surfaces as well as different off-road terrains too. This mountain board is just perfect to start practicing a goofy stance for the beginners.
  • No matter whatever your choice of stance is you can always board with us. At Venice Longboards, we are known to provide good quality service as well as a warranty and great customer service on every single product we offer. Now, if you have made your mind about the exact type of electric longboard that you want to use, you can always try finding one from our wide variety of product offerings. Don’t forget to visit our website if you have any other questions that you need help with.

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