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Is skateboarding dangerous or safe? Would that be safe for me to ride a skateboard? We often come across these questions before buying an e-skate. Now, it’s time to get the answers. Learn this blog and know that are your skateboards safe for use, or not.  

With every passing year, the popularity of electric skateboards is growing more and more. Those speed demons(e-skates) who used to appear seldom on the streets are now is in reach of everyone. In every country, every city; electric skateboards are popping out from everywhere around the globe.  

Indeed, this little vehicle is packed with so much fun and joy. The excitement and adrenaline rush that you feel while skating is unexplainable. Also, this ride is eco-friendly, which means no ugly fuels, no air pollution – nothing. Even if you are spending several hours zapping down the street; you are not causing any harm to mother nature.  

Not only that but riding a skateboard also improves your balancing skills, makes you learn some new tricks, and let you spend time in nature and fresh air which improves your health. These pros you are unfortunately not going to get even in an exclusive car because all it emits is fuel; while electric cars are way too costly for a normal student, or a working guy.  

And if you talk about style; then you know that nothing can beat the ‘coolness’ of an electric skateboard.  

But there also a demerit of becoming salable or in-demand. When a ride becomes so popular, many people crave and come forward to buy it. But before getting our hands on it, we must ask a question to ourselves that either or not that ride is safe for us! Today in this blog we will discuss are skateboards safe or not?

Is Skateboarding Dangerous or Safe for New Skaters?

You may have seen teens and adults whizzing e-skates in the streets and alleys on hot afternoons and must have thought about the potential skateboard dangers. Most of the people around us consider electric skateboards as a dangerous ride; and despite their excitement and interest in this ride, they hesitate to own it.  

The truth is that every vehicle around us; electric or motor, is dangerous and unsafe if ridden without the proper training, skills, and protective gear. For example, can you assure that without training it is safe to ride a car or a bike? Or are you sure that driving your plain, manual bicycle would not cause you any harm if you are an unskilled biker?  

Of course not, frankly speaking, there’s nothing in this world that can be completely safe and sound. Yes, there is a history of skateboard accidents; and so is for cars, bikes, bicycles, and even taking a flight downstairs.   

You aren’t safe anywhere. Not in your shower, not even in your kitchen while cooking pasta for yourself if you are not skilled enough in what you are doing.  

As far as this question is concerned that is skateboarding dangerous or not; No, they aren’t, and yes, they are. They are as much safe and secure as bicycles are and as dangerous as sports bikes. All you need is a skateboard from a reputable brand, proper training, and protective gear to avoid any unfortunate event or skateboard accidents appearing.  

Can Accident Occur Due to Malfunction?

Is skateboarding dangerous and can its battery cause malfunction? Fortunately, most of the electric skateboards available in the market are built keeping safety standards in mind. All the Li-ion batteries which are used in the skateboards need to have a UL certificate. 

The battery design must need to get tested according to a specific test standard referred to as UN38.3. All the reputable companies in the markets use tested Li-ion batteries. 

So, are skateboards safe regarding batteries? Yes, they are completely safe unless you didn’t have your board from an unreliable and cheap brand. 

How to Stay Safe While Surfing on an Electrical Skateboard?

Now, this is the right question. Every vehicle has its merits and demerits and all you need to know is how to keep yourself protected while riding it. There are several ways to avoid any hazardous situation. Here we are sharing a few tips with you which would help you to stay safe and protected while staying on a deck of an e-skateboard and avoid the potential skateboard dangers.

Get Fully Trained:

One of the most important skateboarding safety tips that you need to follow is to get proper training under an expert. Most of the kids and teens get inspired from the YouTube videos of an expert performing stunts on the skateboard. They feel that this is easy and thrilling; so, when they get their hands on a speed demon, they try to perform stunts instead of riding It on beginner level. 

This idiocy causes accidents and makes the poor rider suffer the worse consequences. Always start from the beginning level. Try your wheels on empty flat surfaces at medium to low speed. First, get control of your device, and then you may expedite your speed gradually.  

Wear Protective Gears:

This you can count as inevitable and most necessary skateboarding safety tips – The protective gears. Either you are a skilled, professional, and experienced skater or a beginner and novice; protective gears are the must-have things to put on before riding an electric skateboard. Some of the essential protective gears including: 

  • Safety Helmets
  • Knee and Elbow pads
  • Gloves and Wrist Guards
  • Skateboard Shoes
  • Padded Shorts (optional)

All these gears will protect your body and help you prevent major injuries in case of an accident or unfortunate event.  

Stay Focused:

Last but not the least; stay focused while riding an e-skate. Most of the time our focus remains on stunts instead of the road and other potential hazards; which basically invites the dangers of the road and causes the rider to suffer from the possible injuries


So, the answer is skateboarding dangerous or not; technically, it’s not. Should I buy an electric skateboard?  Yes, definitely. If you are interested and love exhilarating rides then an electrical or motorized skateboard is an ideal ride to jaunt around the city.


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