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Longboarding: Which Foot Should I Lead With?

Longboarding: Which Foot Should I Lead With?

Before you hit the roads with your longboard, it is very important to get a proper idea of your stance. In almost all types of board sports, there are mainly two types of stances: goofy stance and regular stance. As per the definition of these two, the goofy stance is standing on the longboard with the right foot forward. Whereas by the words regular stance we mean putting the left foot in a straight direction while going forward.

How To Start With Longboarding?

Both the goofy stance and regular stance are widely used while starting with a longboard. In the very first place, a rider can start off by kicking the ground with the foot. The foot should be likely the one that is placed at the back of the longboard. This method is widely used by almost all longboarders all around the world. When talking of reliability or giving a stance, this can really help a young and novice skateboarder in steering the board in the right direction.

It is always advisable to try out both the goofy and regular stance on the longboard to get a feel of it.

How To Stand On A Longboard?

Now as you have got a rough idea of the longboarding stance, lets come down to the most important part. How to stand on the longboard. For the ones who are just starting off with their longboarding practice, this piece of information can be of great help. In the very first place, it is important to have a low center of gravity and a rock-solid base. Try standing on a rock-solid board and be sure that both your feet are just beneath your arms. Now, try bending your knees a bit in order to get a better center of gravity. You can now widen your legs slowly and steadily while staying comfortable.

Try Doing What Feels Natural

Some people really face a very hard time choosing the right type of stance. For example, they might feel more comfortable in cruising with regular stance than with the ollie goofy. Well, this isn’t a rare scenario or a problem, either. Some people are equally capable of using their feet at the same time. Once a person gets well experienced with skating, they can even try to ride switch.

Does Your Dominant Foot Help In Determining Your Stance?

Well in many cases, it surely helps in figuring out your preferred stance, but it is not the same every time. In case you aren’t having any clue of the exact standing stance on a board, it is the best idea to step in with the dominant foot. This goes exactly the same for all types of sports like surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, etc.

Apart from these, there are also some other ways that can determine if you are a regular or goofy longboarder. Even though sometimes, some sort of tricks might seem to be helpful, but the best way is to ride and test the ways until and unless it seems natural.

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