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10 Reasons Why You Should Own an Electric Longboard

Thinking about getting an e-skateboard? But not sure why! Learn this blog to know the top 10 reasons to own an electric longboard to make your life super easy.  

We are living in an era where the need for speed is inevitable. Leaving the slow lives behind, we have adopted a much faster pace in almost everything. Whether it’s about our living standards or our ways of commuting – everything in our life demands speed.  

Around your neighborhood, you must have seen those speedy demons (electric skateboards), zapping through the streets or beneath the feet of your favorite influencers on YouTube. Those buzzing sounds and exhilarating stunts are enough to turn many heads.  

At first glance, it might look like another fad by some rich spoiled kid, but if you observe closely then you will understand how exciting it can be! 

Electric e-skate or longboards is a super thrilling electric and eco-friendly ride that could make your short journeys electrifying and stirring. They are light-weight, easy to stash, and facile to cover long-distance faster than changing channels on your smart tv while binge-watching Netflix series.  

But do you think you want reasons? I mean Who doesn’t want to zap through streets at a lightning speed that almost feels like teleportation? Who doesn’t like to have that adrenaline rush pumping in their veins with every high and low? Or casually said who doesn’t want to have some fun while riding? 

Maybe you are fascinated but scared to get one of these speed-demons, or maybe you just want another push to make you buy your favorite ride. Either way, we are going to tell you the top 10 reasons to own an electric longboard. So, let’s begin

Effortless Commuting

As we all know, electric rides are super popular for making lives easier in the hustle-bustle of traffic on the busy streets. Admit it, we all hate to sit and stuck hours in traffic to get to our destination. Moreover, the noise pollution that all the vehicles in the line create is just too much for us to tolerate for several hours. Nope. 

The purpose of these road-runners to make commuting easy and almost hassle-free. Riding an esk8, you can save your time, fuel cost, and your ears from tolerating hours of ugly honks. 

Also, the feel of whizzing past the stuck and crawling cars in the line is amazing. 

It gives you a feeling of liberation, and independence that you are in control of your journey and no one else is. In the case of an emergency, you would not have to wait for hours and can get to your destination on time, escaping a jam-packed road easily. 

Save Your Money

Another important reason to own an electric longboard/skateboard which is usually pretty underrated. 

Most of the time, people went to buy an electric skateboard, look at the price tag, and frowns that they won’t spend $1000 or $800 for a little kiddie ride.  

But what if I tell you that these little kiddie rides are actually saving you money? Any big, fancy vehicle is going to cost you a fortune, 1 entire year of your salary, the money you saved to renovate your house this Xmas, etc. But even here your spending doesn’t stop. Then you need to pay some more dollars in the name of maintenance.  

Then the fuel cost. According to a survey, the cost of running a car in America is $0.51 per mile (where gas is relatively cheap) in other countries like UK and Europe, it is even more. 

Riding on an e-skateboard saves your fuel cost, yearly maintenance cost, and other bucks which you may need to spend to modify or revamp your car against scratches, dents, etc. So, basically buying a skateboard is a money-worthy trade. 

Eco-Friendly Way of Travelling

Nowadays, everyone is turning towards the Greener way of living due to drastically rising global warming threats to lives. Every year, gas and diesel emitting engines cause more harm to the environment than weapons. A typical passenger vehicle emits around 4.6 metric ton carbon dioxide per year – and this fact is already making me hard to breathe.  

The only thing you can do in this regard is to at least reduce your carbon footprints from nature, and Go Green.   

Not only it will make you proud but can also change many people to leave fuel-emitting vehicles behind and adopt an eco-friendly way of traveling.  

No More Errands but Adventures

Ok admit it, we all hate to go grocery shopping. Like who would like to get disturbed in the middle of an interesting game to get eggs or cat food? Moreover, the worst part begins when you realize that you forget something to fetch from the market. 

That means taking your car out again, reverse it, and going back to the mart to get your required product. Too boring and time taking. 

Here is the answer to your question that why buying a skateboard is the right choice. Skateboard turns your everyday errands into little adventures. 

Now forgetting things at the store will be fun and an excuse to get on your board again and zap to the market in style. 

No More Quest for Parking Space

One of the smartest reasons to own an electric longboard. Big vehicles need more space. Most of the time of our lives spends in finding the ‘correct’ parking spot for our ride. 

We all seek a Spot near to our destination so we don’t have to walk to the vehicle, in a shade to protect it from ‘good lucks’ and getting scratched, etc. 

Even if you judge between electric skateboard vs electric scooters, the electric scooters do need a space to get parked. Electric skateboards ease this quest for you and let you ‘park’ your vehicle in your backpack safely, or in the college locker, or under your table in the office.  

Learn New Stunts/Tricks

Who doesn’t like to learn something new and cool every day? Then it's your chance. These motorized skateboards make you learn some new cool stunts and tricks which you can flaunt in front of your colleagues and friends. 

It also helps you learn balancing skills, which comes really helpful in life. Later on, you can astonish your family and relatives by showing these cool tricks at a thanksgiving dinner as a ‘live entertaining segment’. 

Look Super Cool

On the graph from 1-10, the electric skateboards get 11 points for being the most super cool and exciting ride in the market. 

Its look, its flair, and the exciting stunts which we can perform on this cool-dude sums up everything that why It deserves to be in your hands. 

Imagine the look of your bae or crush when you will whizz past her/him doing cool stunts. Or how proud your kids must be of having the coolest dad/mom in the world who owns a skateboard and know how to ride. Whoa, only a mere thought of it makes me super excited. Are you not yet? 

Get Exercised While Commuting

Now this reason to own an electric longboard is my favorite. Sitting in the car makes your body lazy, dull, and lethargic. No matter how many miles you may travel you will always end up feeling sluggish and indolent. 

Reason? Riding in a car doesn’t make you do many efforts except for pressing pedals and shifting gears while sitting casually. Whereas if you compare it to electric skateboards, they can be a great source of exercise. 

As you ride, your core and leg muscles get activated in order to keep yourself on board which gives them a feeling of working out. If you want a more challenging aspect, then you can always go for a leg-push to skateboard like a normal board. It would tone your leg muscles even better. This can count as one of the top best benefits of owning an electric skateboard. 

Meet New People/Friends

When you get a new electric skateboard, you actually enter into an exclusive community of millions of cool skaters.  

There must be a local group or gang of skaters around your neighborhood or nearby that get together on regular basis bolting down the street. 

These new friends can help you with your ride, give you useful tips and also teach you some pro- stunts easily. If not that, then at least they can join you for a thrilling ride someday to make your jaunt more memorable. 

Have a Great Fun Time

Last but not the least, I would pack this array of reasons with the final most powerful nail. To cut the long story short, electric skateboards are super fun and thrilling rides, that let you ease your stress, forget your workload and have some time of cheerful whizzing around the city. 

You can interact with nature, feel that fresh air and sunlight on your face and have a great time alone. 

 Riding in this way makes you explore a lot of things and might also change your perspective about things which you made sitting in the front seat of your all-packed car. Get to the ground level, be a part of nature, feel the world on your own as nothing is more beautiful than that.


Should I buy an electric skateboard? Electric longboards/skateboards are a type of ride which one SHOULD get once in their lifetime to feel the fun, excitement, and exhilaration of speed and easy-commuting. Do I need an electric skateboard? If you 

  • are an adventurous student/working guy/girl 
  • wants some fun in your life
  • wants to go eco-friendly
  • loves speed
  • are active and energetic
  • wants to learn esk8ing 
  • tired of car
  • wants to save money 
  • want to look cool 
  • impress you bae/crush
  • wants to be a super dad/mom

Then yes, you do need an electric skateboard. Go get one for yourself and experience the new yet positive highs and lows of life.

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