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The Culture Of Longboarding In Venice Beach

Venice Beach is undoubtedly an eccentric seaside resort and a part of Los Angeles in Southern California. Since the beginning of time, the place is known to be the cradle for underground culture currently known all throughout the world. The best thing that anybody notices while roaming across the streets of the beach is its beautiful singular atmosphere. Venice is a small and quiet island situated right in between an urban sprawl that stands approximately 1300 square kilometers in length. Furthermore, the resort of Venice Beach is as vibrant and colorful as the punk city in itself. Moreover, anybody can see history being infused in the gaudy and vivid wall murals of the city. One of these wall murals features bare-chested Jim Morrison having a microphone in one hand along with an orange background. The portrait of Jim Morrison seems to be constantly looking at anybody who is moving towards the beach. All the giant graffiti walls displayed on the streets seems to be an endless ballet.


Venice Beach: California Within Muscles


Anybody and everybody can get overly impressed by the actual originality of the island. All its cultural diversity and beauty reveals the actually hidden side of the American society where two of the different worlds tensely coexist. Here anybody can actually see that poverty goes hand in hand with affluence being a complete byproduct of a system generating wealth. Most of the first-time visitors of the city fail to go especially beyond the city’s first impression while naively sticking to the image of California that they have usually seen in postcards or movies. 


In case you are paying close attention to it, remember Venice is really paradoxical both showcasing and questioning the Californian dream. In a single sentence, Venice Beach is fascinating because it depicts America’s full contradiction, its old-fashioned culture, and many others. Furthermore, it is a hub for longboarding culture in the United States. 


Venice Beach Skate Park


Venice Beach is generally known for its eccentric and expressive but chill iconic artsy boardwalk, infamous Muscle beach, entertaining performers, and of course the Venice beach skate park. The Venice Beach Skate Park is just located right at the center of the beach around the west end of Market street. Moreover, the Venice Beach trail goes all the way from south Venice past the Santa Monica Pier. The whole area is approximately nine miles in total. The trail is further known for being super smooth with a proper mix of traffic such as walkers, joggers, longboarders, rollerbladers, and even bikers all throughout the way. The path is known to provide a super enjoyable ride with perfect views of the ocean, the beach, the pier, and of course all the fun that is there to see all throughout the Venice Beach area. Moreover, the adult playground, situated south of the Santa Monica Pier is a great place to play around and watch all sorts of athletic talent.


More About The Venice Beach Skate Park


The Venice Beach Skate Park is indeed diverse in nature having a variety of bowls and obstacles. The frontal area of the skating park is mostly flat, having a few rails or little ledges to grind on. These skating rings even features small walls with a smooth vertical sort of transition.

The central area of the park features three main bowls along with a big area of street skating. The bowls present are pretty large in size and the longest of the bowls snakes around in the eastern part of the park. This bowl has a coping around its deeper edges but most of it is just perfect for rolling in.


Again the other two bowls present in the park are much smaller but deeper. The central bowl has a coping which goes all the way around with a steep roll in and a small gap. Furthermore, the last bowl present is indeed deep in nature, while being surrounded entirely in coping. The street area of Venice park is humongous in size having a lot of obstacles. There are more boxes and ledges that anyone can even count. There are even a small set of stairs along with a few rails.


Furthermore, all across the perimeter of the Venice Beach Skate Park, you can get a view of a big crowd of people always watching or taking photographs. However, the overall vibe of the park is better than any other skateboarding parks in the United States. The skating ring seems as legendary as the skating park itself. In case you are a skater, you must skate here at least once. And if you are more into electric mountain longboarding looking out to cruise, you must check out the whole park while enjoying the pool of skating talent. Nevertheless, you should hop on to your remote-controlled longboard and electric skateboard especially on the bike path to the Santa Monica pier.


Best Electric Longboards That Can Make Your Visit To Venice Beach Skate Park Worthy

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Gavucci Electric Longboard: The Gavucci Electric Longboard makes use of a double drop deck made with fiberglass bamboo giving the rider a very comfortable and stable riding experience. This particular e-board is powered by a dual hub 1500W electric motor which has a hill-climbing angle of approximately thirty percent. Moreover, this electric longboard comes with an ergonomic hobby remote having three different types of speed mode. The e-board is capable of going up to 38km/hr and is go approximately thirty kilometers on one single charge. The wheels of this e-board comprises of honeycomb tires made with solid rubber, especially giving the rider unmatched riding comfort on any sort of terrains. Furthermore, the hardness of the tires makes this particular board just perfect for drifts and slides. The boosted board makes use of a suitable track length along with a double size kingpin axle and proper bushing.


Remember electric longboards comes with a whole lot of benefits. Apart from being fast, it can do a lot of other stuff that isn’t possible for any regular skateboard. No matter whatever your choice is you can always find a suitable longboard according to your need with us. At Venice Longboards, we offer great quality service, a warranty on every product, high-quality customer service, and a wholesome list of adventures through our website. Now, if you have made your mind about the exact type of electric longboard that you want to use, you can always try finding one from our wide variety of product offerings. Don’t forget to visit our website if you have any other questions that you need help with.

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