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How Bluetooth Speakers Add Enjoyment To Electric Longboards

Bluetooth technology can be found in most of our technology today. It allows for cordless accessories to be used for various functions that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

 In this article, you’ll be learning more about the main reasons why Bluetooth speakers add enjoyment to electric longboards.


Bluetooth came about in the mid 90s. A lot of industries were creating technology that wasn’t compatible with one another, which frustrated buyers.

 Jim Kardach created Bluetooth, which uses short-range radio connectivity to link technology. He was reading a book about Vikings when he found the name for his invention.

 The name comes from a 10th-century king of Denmark, Harald Bluetooth, who is famous for uniting Scandinavia, just as Kardach hoped to do with technology. Now that you know some of the history, here are some reasons why Bluetooth speakers add to the enjoyment of an electric longboard.


Firstly, Bluetooth speakers are great for listening to some of your favorite tunes.  Listening to music has proven benefits to lowering stress and stimulating our creativity.

 After a long day of working, studying, or spending time socializing, listening to music as your ride your electric longboard will be a great way to relax and enjoy your ride. They give off a great quality of sound. Plus, you can show off your sick playlist to the people you’re riding around!


A reader’s revolution is currently at hand. For several years, reading was less than popular. But now, it’s made a resurgence in the form of audio books. There is still a thriving paper-back and hard-cover-loving crew, but many love the convenience of listening to their books.

 If you could listen to your book while making your regular commute, you would be taking time to do what you love while making your way to your next stop. These valuable minutes can be relaxing and informational, depending on the book you’re reading. It saves you time later and gives you a small break from the stress of the day.

 Another benefit is if you have to read a book for a class you’re taking. Your brain is usually idle or enjoying some nice music when you’re in a car or using public transportation. You can enjoy extra time later by listening to your assignment while traveling.


Everyone enjoys having fun while also being safe. Bluetooth speakers add an element of safety to your day by getting the headphones out of your ears so you can hear important things going on around you.

 We all hope that those around us will be safe, but that’s not always how it works out. Sometimes drivers will get distracted and could come close to hitting someone on an electric longboard. The addition of Bluetooth speakers eliminates this hazard, as you will be able to hear what’s going on and can get to safety in a matter of moments, potentially saving your life!


One great benefit of using a Bluetooth speaker is that the battery doesn’t drain too much when you use it. If your Bluetooth speaker is built into your electric longboard, you won’t have to worry about draining your power.


There are a number of benefits associated with using a Bluetooth speaker to enhance your ride on your electric longboard. You can listen to music, catch up on your reading, stay safe while having fun, and enjoy long rides with a high battery life.

No matter how you spin it, Bluetooth speakers are a must have for electric longboard rides. Check out some of our boards that have built-in Bluetooth speakers at https://venicelongboards.com/search?q=bluetooth.


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