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New Arrivals: Top 10 New Electric Longboards From Venice Longboards

New Arrivals: Top 10 New Electric Longboards From Venice Longboards

The world of tech is constantly evolving, and it is further broadening its horizons into several aspects of modern-day living. It comes without any wonder that we are now broadly using technology in almost every part of our daily life.

Throughout all these years we have also witnessed the overall debut of different sorts of electronic transport mediums like e-scooters, e-bikes, e-vehicles, etc. However, one of the least expected addition to this genre is the electric longboards. Most of the electric longboards that can be found over the internet can be controlled with the help of hand held remote controller.

Though these remote-controlled longboards and electric skateboards are commonly used for everyday commuting, however, these modern gadgets can also be used by thrill-seekers in different off-road as well as on-road locations. Some of the key components of an electric longboard or an electric mountain board include a speed controller, wireless throttle, an electric motor, and a set of rechargeable batteries.

Currently, anybody can easily get overwhelmed by seeing the number of models of e-boards to choose from. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss ten newly arrived electric longboards that you can choose for all your thrill activities. 

  1. Irvine Power Electric Longboard: The Irvine Power electric longboard comes with a dual drive motor design where each motor provides an output of approximately nine hundred watts. Moreover, this electric longboard can take a load of around 330 pounds and can climb at an angle of 25 degrees approximately. This e-board also comes with a set of light strips located at the bottom part of the board which generally changes while in the driving process. This Irvine power electric longboard has got a battery capacity of 7.5 AH providing a riding distance of approximately twenty-eight kilometers. The Irvine power electric longboard can be suitably used on paved broadways, footpaths, bitumen roads, and even on offroad areas such as gravel tracks dirt, grass, etc. This electric board is undoubtedly the best to play within Venice beach.
  2. Neutrino Mini Electric Skateboard: The Neutrino mini electric skateboard is just a perfect alternative to electric scooters for both kids and adults. This e-board is powered by an advanced 350W electric motor giving longboarders experience some serious speed. Moreover, it even comes with an IP55 rating allowing the longboard to run smoothly even in wet conditions. With all these bells and whistles in place, the neutrino mini electric skateboard is just perfect for both beginner and expert riders and can be used almost everywhere.
  3. Joaquin Electric Longboard: The Joaquin electric longboards holds a powerful DC brushless motor that can easily gain speeds up to twenty-five mph. With an ability to climb thirty-degree of angle this e-board can be easily used to travel on steep hills and even on rough terrains. The Joaquin electric longboard comes with an intelligent built-in sensor helping to prevent electrical fires or shortages. Moreover, these powerful sensors deal with several speed control options and other auto brake awareness. The overall recharge time of this e-board is approximately two hours and it can travel up to 12.5 miles on a single charge.
  4. Emotiva Electric Longboard: The fun and cool-looking Emotive Electric Longboard bring the buyer a design for cool cruising and a happy time. Moreover, this e-board comes with three different speed modes designed for both new and professional riders. Charging this e-board can take up to three hours of time and it gives a maximum milage of ten miles approximately. The power of this electric mountainboard comes from a 400W brushless motor, giving a grade hill angle of almost twenty percent.
  5. Jacinto Mini Electric Skateboard: The Jacinto mini electric skateboard is very much different from any other high-performance e-skateboards. This e-board is designed as a joyful and fun device that can handle school going teens to easily ride around school or in town. Furthermore, this e-board is extremely lightweight in nature and weighs approximately 7.94lbs. It is capable of achieving speeds of approximately 12.4mph and can go up to 6.2 miles on a single charge. With the Jacinto Mini electric skateboard in hand, you can easily control your speed that too with ease and comfort.
  6. Camarillo Electric Longboard: The Camarillo electric longboard is an extremely powerful gadget and it comes with four different riding modes. The dual hub 350W motor of this longboard is piled with a Samsung 6000mAh lithium-ion battery that produces a mileage of 15 miles on a full charge and speeds up to 28 mph. The deck part of the Camarillo electric longboard is made up of two layers of glass fiber and bamboo providing a combination of strength and flexibility. This electric longboard can be perfectly used on both on-road and off-road terrains.
  7. Brea Mini Electric Skateboard: The durable, high-density eight-ply maple wood deck makes the Brea Mini Electric Skateboard extremely solid and portable in nature. It's 350W powerful motor generates a mileage of 12 to 15 miles and it has a total top speed of approximately 20km/hr. The Brea Mini Electric Skateboard is perfect for any beginner and even pro riders who are willing to do some basic stunts and other tricks.
  8. El Tigre Electric Skateboard: The El Tigre Electric skateboard is made up of eleven layers of the composite deck made up of maple wood and fiberglass giving it an extremely high load-carrying capacity of 265 lbs. Furthermore, this 35-inch electric longboard can cruise at a max speed of ten miles and even comes with a high torque 400W motor unit. The portable controller can help you to switch freely, brake, accelerate, and move forward and backward. The El Tigre Electric Skateboard can ride smoothly and can be easily carried around.
  9. Amador Canyon Electric Longboard: The high-performance Amador Canyon Electric Longboard boasts a highly durable ten layer Canadian maple wood deck and a single layer fiberglass coating. The power of this board is generated from a 480W dual hub brushless motor that can help achieve scorching speeds of around 22 mph and has a hill-climbing grade of around 25 percent. Other features of this electric mountain board include red led safety lights, tail and nose guards, and a T-tool for tightening and adjusting components. Furthermore, the IP54 waterproof rating and regenerative braking technology help the rider to ride in any weather or terrain conditions.
  10. Agoura Hills Electric Longboard: The newly launched Agoura Hills Electric longboard comes with a seven-ply Canadian maple wood deck sandwiched between two layers of bamboo on the top and on the bottom. The longboard is powered by a 350W brushless hub motor unit and is combined with a 36V, 4Ah Lithium-ion battery. This e-board gives an approximate range of six to ten miles and can get to a maximum speed of nineteen miles per hour. The e-board also comes with a wireless remote that can easily control deacceleration and acceleration along with reverse capability. The Agoura Hills Electric Longboard is just perfect for all novice and advanced riders.

In case you want to start your electric mountain longboarding journey or if you want to upgrade your old longboard, you can always board with us. We at Venice Longboards, provide great quality service, and warranty on each and every product listed on our website. In case you want to know more about us or our products, don’t forget to pay a visit to our website.

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