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Top 5 Best Places To Longboard in California

The Top 5 Places To Ride Your Electric Longboard In California

Skateboarding is something that has been gaining huge popularity since its introduction. But, when it comes to riding an electric longboard, the thrill goes to the next level. Riding electric longboards in California has become legal and therefore, here, we have added the top 5 places to ride an electric longboard in California.


  1. Carmel Valley Skate Park, La Jolla, California: The Carmel valley Skate Park near La Jolla at California is one of the best places to ride electric longboards. The construction of this park started in 2007 with the help of Carmel Valley community members and various skateboard professionals. Well, the park opened in 2008 and it has a huge facility which is around 13,500 square ft. Along with the skate park, it has attractive urban elements such as stairs, ledges, banks, and railings. The park is well-equipped with lights so that you can stay even after the sun goes down. Moreover, the park consists of observation areas, shade structures, and restrooms as well.  
  2. Venice Beach Skate Park, California: If there is an award for the location of skate parks, Venice Beach Skate Park will be the winner. The design of the park is so alluring that it attracts many onlookers who generally wander on Venice Beach Boardwalk adjacent to this skate park. The park was built in 2009 and the overall area of this park is 1500 square meters. The park has a street section that is filled with boxes, rails, steps, and ramps. Along with this, the park has an old-fashioned snake run. Experienced riders along with their electric longboard can do several things here. Well, the park is located near to Venice beach and therefore, you can take rest on beach shore whenever you get tired. You can visualize California’s colorful beach scene which is a crazy combination of human statues, mimes, musicians, and jugglers.
  3. Skateboard and Soccer Park, Laguna Beach: Skateboard and Soccer Park near Laguna Beach, California is one of the greatest attractions for the skateboard lovers. It has an area of 20,000 square ft. consisting of a skateboard park and soccer field filled with synthetic grass. Well, if we specifically talk about Skateboard Park, it has many things to explore. The park consists of advanced, intermediate, and beginning areas for skaters where they can evaluate their skills with their electric skateboards. Along with these, the park organized Dirt Jump and BMX sports. In that case, helmet, knee, and elbow pads become compulsory. However, if you are under 18, you have to fill a form from your parents in the presence of the staff of this park.
  4. The Cove Skate Park, Santa Monica: if you are a skate rider, you have probably heard the names of Stacy Peralta, Jay Adams, and Tony Alva. Well, they started their journey from this park. The park played an integral role in their successful lives. Moreover, the park had gained huge popularity when the fledging sport was popularised by Z-Boys of Dog town’s Zephyr in 1970. In 2005, the park had got a major upgrade; however, the old-school flavor still remains there. Nowadays, the park offers different types of areas for skating and these are a big bowl consisting of a four-meter clamshell, a three-meter deep oval, and a two-meter deep square. Along with these, it has a street course where you will get to see endless smart lines. These areas are capable of giving you an outstanding feeling when you start riding electric skateboards here.
  5. Curt Pernice Skate Park, Ripon: According to Thrasher magazine, Curt Pernice Skate Park is one of the best skate parks in California and they are not wrong at all. The park, situated in the Central Valley town is famous for its concrete behemoth and epic pool. The overall area of this park is almost 2,800 square ft. and the park consists of boxes, rails, sweet half-pipe, and pyramids which allow the skaters to do multiple tasks. The ambiance of the park is very chilled and along with it, the surrounding is finely landscaped which attracts a huge number of tourists.

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