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Unleash Your Adventure Spirit With Electric Mountain Boards

Unleash Your Adventure Spirit With Electric Mountain Boards

Having the ability to go off the tarmac, the electric mountain boards have a lot more to offer than any other regular electric skateboards. An electric all-terrain skateboard can be easily defined as the monster truck of longboarding. No matter if you want to explore and overcome rocky obstacles, or go up through steep hills, these boards can do everything. They mostly constitute of bigger trucks, powerful motors, giant wheels, a large battery, a better suspension setup, and a super long deck to accommodate all these extras. Apart from all these, these electric all-terrain skateboards are built with extra care and great quality. While taking a ride through bad terrains different parts of this electric board experience severe vibrations mainly due to the physical stress, extra required power, and severe vibrations. Off-roading electric skateboards just needs to be strong and durable in order to stand up with several other potential forces. Hence manufacturers usually make them diligently and with only very high-quality parts.

These electric remote-control longboards can surely give you the best of both the worlds. They usually come with a very powerful motor that can easily propel the rider in further distances with better speed and that too without compromising with comfort. Let us discuss some of the major benefits of an all-purpose electric mountain board.

Advantages Of Using An Electric Mountain Board

  1. Robust And Wide Truck: It is of utmost importance that the trucks of these electric mountain boards are robust and wide. Remember wide trucks are known to provide better maneuverability and stability over thinner ones. Trucks have always been the trickiest part to build in an off-road motorized skateboards, and that's why at Venice Longboards we hold our manufacturers accountable for their production to ensure the safest ride for the end user.
  2. More Powerful Electric Motor: In order to manage the rocky patches out there, these remote control longboards unquestionably have better motors. Remember the more powerful the motor, the better hill climb assist, agility, and acceleration these skateboards can provide. If you have future plans to buy such remote control skateboards to handle different tarmacs, you surely need to take one that has better power and can handle any terrain.
  3. Electronic Speed Controller (ESC): The electronic speed controller used in our electric longboards can be termed as the main computational unit or the brain of the skateboard. In other words, this device helps in regulating the speed and drive of the motor. The electronic speed controller helps in supplying the motor with the perfect amount of electric power that controls the braking curve and the acceleration.
  4. Wheel Size And Wheels: While planning to ride in the off-road terrain, big tires that can handle the rough off-road conditions are essential in safety. Remember the normal remote control skateboard wheels aren’t made for rocky patches and off-roading. Wheels and wheel size are really a visual difference between an off-road skateboard and a regular one. The off-road wheels that regular pneumatic wheels which can be inflated when needed. The wheel setup and tire pressure are two of the most important factors when it comes to getting an even range and a better riding experience.
  5. Battery Quality And Battery Size: The quality and size of the battery is yet another crucial factor when it comes to the range, cost, and weight of a remote control longboard. The better and bigger the battery the more range your electric mountain board will get. An electric all-terrain skateboard must have a big capacity battery in order to take the rider out of the bad patches.

Best Mountain Boards From Venice Longboards

The Gizepo High Powered Electric Longboard: The deck area of the Gizepo High Powered Electric Longboard is made up of rubber, Canadian maple, and a mixture of aluminum alloy. This electric longboard features a high-performance dual motor controller and built-in battery protection that can help in protecting the battery unit from any sort of overvoltage or short circuit while charging. It also gets a Trizone silicon inlet sealing item, regenerative braking, advanced hub technology, and a large battery capacity. Riders can easily use this longboard on terrain types such as sidewalks, bitumen roads, and other off-road tarmacs.

Sierra Madre Electric Longboard:  The Sierra Madre electric boosted board is undoubtedly the best example of acceleration, speed, torque, and range. The body of this remote control skateboard is made up of very high-grade materials such as Canadian maple wood, rubber, and cast aluminum alloy. This electric longboard comes with an integrated 1000W DC motor unit having reduced power loss and increased transmission efficiency. The motor is also coupled with a powerful Panasonic 50.4v 14.4Ah 12s3P battery having a charge time of only two hours. Overall this boosted board can be your perfect companion for your weekend fun drives and for your regular small city commutes.

Megladon Electric Mountain Board: In case you are thinking of buying a motorized skateboard you can never ignore the all-purpose Megladon Electric Mountain Board. The deck of this super powerful mountain board is made up of seven layers of Canadian maple making it almost unbreakable. The overall dimensions of this electric longboard are 930*265*135 mm respectively and it has an overall weight of approximately twelve pounds. This electric skateboard provides the user a tested mileage of approx. fifteen miles and it has a load-carrying capacity of around 285 pounds.

Gavucci Electric Longboard: The Gavucci electric longboard makes use of super-strong fiberglass bamboo double-deck providing the rider with utmost comfort and stability. The board is powered with the help of a 1500 W dual hub belt motor producing up to thirty percent of hill climb gradient. This e-board comes combined with a 14Ah Sanyo GA Lithium battery that has a recharge time of only four hours. This electric board is capable of going almost thirty kilometers on a single charge and can do high-speed runs of approx. 38km/hr.

In case you are planning to start off with an adventure ride with all purpose electric mountain board, you can always count on us. At Venice Longboards, we have been offering high-quality products along with best in class warranty and customer service in the entire United States. Log on to our website to know more.

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