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Why Electric All-Terrain Skateboard Is The Future Of Modern Day Travel

In the current decade, we are in the middle of a transport revolution, where the electric medium seems to be the future wave. As of now we have had electric motorcycles around for a while, and over the last few years electric cars have well taken off, but the most trendy thing that everyone seems to be talking of is the electric longboard. Currently, remote control longboards or electric all-terrain skateboard has worked its way into the city streets, colleges, and every other urban location that you can think of. The beauty of a motorized skateboard is that they make up for what a traditional longboard lack. 

Functionality Of An Electric All-Terrain Skateboard

With the help of an electric all-terrain skateboard, pushing and kicking are now things of the past. Some of the electric longboards are capable of doing speeds up to twenty-five miles per hour thereby having the ability to commute much faster than the traditional ones. These electric all-terrain skateboards also allows the longboarders to travel on new terrains and even on uphill. Modern electric longboards come equipped with several safety features like a regenerative braking system such that novice riders don’t need to worry about losing control or falling down.

Apart from all these cool features, these skateboards are very much cost-efficient. The overall running price of a modern-day electric longboard can range somewhere between a hundred dollars to fifteen hundred dollars, which isn’t bad when compared to other transportation modes. 

Some Of The Best Features Of An Electric All-Terrain Skateboard

  • They Are Light Weight And Portable: An electric all-terrain skateboard is much more lighter than its traditional counterparts. Due to their lightweight nature, these boards are perfect for anyone and everyone who wants to carry their board around. However, it is very much important to understand why these boards have been so popular in these recent years. Basically, there are three reasons why skateboard riders are interested in what electric lightweight all-terrain skateboards have to offer: ease of transport, price, and portability.
  • Low Price: Longboards can be prohibitively expensive. However, modern-day lightweight electric longboards has almost the same offerings, but at a lower cost. For example, a modern-day cheap electric all-terrain longboard can offer the same range and speed when compared to expensive ones. They are great when it comes to saving money while getting the same value.
  • Urban Use: These electric all-terrain skateboards are the best when it comes to urban usability. These modern-day electric boards can be easily carried on a car or a bus especially due to their portable nature. These skateboards can make the overall commute much more bearable and it can easily improve a riders overall riding experience. 
  • Speed Is What E-boards Are Made For: The best thing about an electric all-terrain skateboard is its speed. Most of these electric boards are very much capable of doing high-speed runs and can cover long distances of up to thirty miles. With the help of these modern-day all-terrain skateboards, the world might seem to fall on your feet.
  • All-Terrain Electric Skateboards Are Safe:  Most of the all-terrain electric skateboard comes with a regenerative braking system and brushless hub motors. These new generation brakes are a lot safer than using a foot or bodyweight to slow down. Apart from that most of the all-terrain boards that are available comes with a remote that can be used to control moving and stopping. All-Terrain Electric Skateboards are also considered Electric Mountain Boards, or Electric Mountain Longboards and can be ridden at top speeds in some of the toughest terrains.

    Remember a remote-control skateboards can be a great solution for your weekend fun ride or your daily commutes. After a lot of research, here is a list of some of the best portable and light e-boards below: 


  • Gavucci Electric Longboard: The Gavucci electric longboard makes use of super-strong fiberglass bamboo double-deck providing the rider with utmost comfort and stability. The board is powered with the help of a 1500 W dual hub motor producing up to thirty percent of hill climb gradient. Apart from these, the wheels of this particular electric longboard is made up of solid honeycomb rubber, giving unmatched ride experience on any terrain type. 
  • Centinela Boosted All Terrain Skateboard: The Centinela boosted all-terrain board is the most advanced type of skateboard that you can get in the market. It makes use of high-quality carbon fiber and aluminum alloy making it tough and super durable to be used on any road condition. This electric boosted board can be used on pavements such as bitumen roads, footpaths, and even on any off-road conditions.
  • Big Sur Electric Mountain Board: The Big Sur Electric Mountain Board, can be easily called the fastest all-electric mountain board available in the market. It has got a long list of features including long battery life, smooth sliding experience, precise gear control, and dual-band FM. Its 11Ah lithium-ion battery and 3300W motor makes it a very usable electric board. This mountain board can be easily used on pavers, bitumen, footpaths, concrete, and even on bad terrains. 
  • Sierra Madre Electric Longboard:  The Sierra Madre electric boosted board is undoubtedly the best example of acceleration, speed, torque, and range. The body of this remote control skateboard is made up of very high-grade materials such as maple wood, rubber, and aluminum alloy. The sierra madre electric all-terrain skateboard is known to provide an unprecedented riding experience anytime and everywhere.
  • Little OJ Boosted Longboard: The Little OJ remote control skateboard is just a perfect example of power and usability. The board makes use of a splash-proof body along with imported Canadian Maple making it very much tough and strong. The best part about this board is that it can provide a range of ten kilometers in just two hours of overall charge time. It can be used on surfaces such as concrete, footpaths, bitumen roads, and on all types of bad terrain conditions.
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