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Why Motorized Skateboards Are The Best Way To Travel

When your regular roads become stories with several characters as your crew or the map become memories rather than becoming outlines marks, remember that you are following the right footsteps. You really don’t need a nice looking fancy car, or a costly flight ticket travel in order to travel the world. All you need is a small and powerful motorized skateboard. Electric longboards really make for great toys, and to be true they can be a great alternative to crowded public buses or costly cars. However, like a regular skateboard, these motorized e-skates won't be making you a smelly sweaty mess. Riding an electric longboard is very much similar to that of an e-scooter. Here you can travel hassle-free without actually breaking, kicking, or pushing off to start a ride. All that you need as a rider is to make use of the remote controller in order to go forward.

That being said, a remote-control longboard can always control your overall riding experience. These modern age gadgets can run really fast and even brake very smoothly without any hassle. Apart from that the long battery life of these boards can really limit your overall riding distance. Here in this blog, we will be knowing more about why motorized skateboards are a great way to travel in recent times.

Advantages Of Using A Motorized Skateboard For Daily Commute

  • Electric Longboard Can Go Really Fast: Modern-day electric skateboards can really run at very high speeds. The powerful battery-powered electric motor that is used in these boards are capable of reaching a minimum speed of approximately twenty miles per hour on normal ground levels. Achieving these speeds can be really astonishing because the power is generated from a motor of only 850 watts or even less. Apart from that these longboards can cover long distances of up to thirty miles on just a single charge. 
  • Electric Skateboard Are Usually Water Resistant In Nature: A nice advantage of an electric all terrain skateboard is its water-resistance feature. However, prolonged usage in waterlogged areas can make them face more wear and tear. Moreover, the best part about these e-boards is that replacing or repairing worn out parts is just a piece of cake.
  • They Are Very Convenient Especially In Downhills: Generally conventional longboards can move very easily even on the downhill. Remember not all longboards go fast on flat surfaces or sidewalks. On the contrary, a remote control longboard can easily run over 10 mph even on an uphill, downhill, or a flat surface. Apart from all these, the remote can give proper control over speed to the rider. This ability is really very handy to toggle across the streets whereas, in the case of a regular longboard, it can be sometimes a bit of a task to regulate the speed.
  • Motorized Skateboards Generally Comes With Wireless Control Feature: Motorized skateboards can be easily operated with the help of sensors or a Bluetooth wireless controller. These features really come in handy in enabling the rider to control acceleration and speed with the help of a button. The wireless controller enables the rider to focus completely on the road without actually pushing the board. This feature also makes riding and learning a skateboard very easy and even creates immense fun for regular longboarders.
  • Electric Longboards Now Comes With Advanced Regenerative Braking: As the name suggests, electric skateboards are usually powered by a battery. A user needs to charge them once the power output is over. In order to ensure that this battery unit runs longer than its actual capacity, electric longboard manufacturers came up with a new technology called power regeneration, especially while applying brakes. This added feature is a great addition for all modern-day electric mountain boards or skateboards because this power helps the system to run for a long time even on patchy landscapes.

Some Of The Best Electric Longboards For Commuting

  1. Little OJ Boosted Longboard: The little OJ remote control skateboard is just a perfect example of power and usability. The board makes use of a splash-proof body along with imported Canadian Maple making it very much tough and strong. The best part about this board is that it can provide a range of ten kilometers in just two hours of overall charge time. It can be used on surfaces such as concrete, footpaths, bitumen roads, and on all types of bad terrain conditions.
  2. El Matador Electric Skateboard: This El Matador electric skateboard is powered by a very powerful 150W single motor unit that provides a climb angle of around fifteen degrees. The approx. weight of this e-longboard is around 3.8 kgs and the speed can be easily adjusted with a help of a 2.4G RF remote controller. The El Matador Electric Longboard can be easily used on surfaces such as bitumen roads, concrete, pavers, and on off-road terrains.
  3. Opium 900W Electric Longboard: This next-generation Opium 900W Electric Longboard generally uses two different pairs of six-inch offroad wheels making it travel friendly on any terrain type. This longboard host features such as a thick aluminum radiator, better heat management, and double heat dissipation technology. The Hollister Avenue Remote Controlled Longboard is a very good example of modern-day innovation.
  4. Palm Drive Electric Longboard: The Palm Drive Electric Longboard is the most advanced type of skateboard that you can get in the market. It makes use of high-quality carbon fiber and aluminum alloy making it tough and super durable to be used on any road condition. This electric boosted board can easily achieve speeds up to 22 miles/hour and can run for a really long range of 12.5 miles or 20 Kilometres.
  5. Ventura Electric Longboard: The Ventura Electric Longboard is the most affordable electric longboard available on our website. The feature list of this product includes, coaxial reduction gearbox, integrated braking system, dynamic speed detection, and best in class heat dissipation technology. This electric board can be used on any surfaces such as bitumen roads, footpaths, uneven pavements, up-hills etc.

In case you are planning to start off with your skateboarding journey, you can always come and board with us. At Venice longboards, we offer high-quality products with best in class warranty and customer service in the entire United States. Log on to our website to know more.

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